Saturday, April 25, 2009

An attempt at revival - Kickstarting the external

Well......Its actually been like 10 months before that self posted a here and it really does not take much analysis to see that this space has rather been neglected and has kind of died, become buried and has been rather mummified in such a way that even the best embalmer in ancient egypt would become jealous of self for doing such a clean, complete job out of it.

And the reason has generally been that self kind of chose to post all the gobbledgygook self wrote in the internal blogging system of the place where I work( now dont go "WORK!! AND YOU?" and kind of gape like you saw a Cockroach and a lizard pair performing a waltz..its real bad manners I tell you and some things need to be kept secret after all :-P).

But of course since my days in Cognizant (the place where I are officially numbered now, self has decided that the time has come to get this place a bit alive and kicking ("why should something alive generally kick?" is something that has struck me - anyone knows?) - by kickstarting, prodding, Jabbing with a spear if necessary and all such means by which one tries to bring to life a chap who looks like he were a flying fish which forgot to get back to water and hence looked silly.

"Well - Since the people at cognizant are going to be relieved of your torture shortly,why here?" you may ask. Or in fact you may not ask it also...but well, the reason is Blogging is something self rather liked doing at cognizant and so plans to continue it here. And also - (now this is gonna be senti - so please go "Awwww!!") I must admit that leaving Cognizant and CH1 - its internal blogging system sure will leave a rather empty feeling - a big void where an extremely enjoyable aspect of life in the last year and a half was and it will (I believe and sincerely hope) help me stay in touch with the many wonderful friends I have made in ch1 over the past year. (If any of you ch1-ers say "No! Dont!" I just say ":-P :-P " to you and plan to badger you with increased vehemence.

I really hope and would try my best to gurgle nonsense and anecdotes from my rather botched up and loopy existence frequently here. And given this ability of mine to goof up and get into trouble - an ability which I can only call kind of incredible...I am sure there would be enough popycock to spew out here at least once a week.

So long until the next post :-)